(Our) Exquisite Stories
(Our) Exquisite Stories

(Our) Exquisite Stories aims to create a space to collect and visualize the many stories and experiences which, along with the individuals who embody them, pass through and weave a place into being. The project collects text and audio contributions from the public via an on-site computer, or a web interface. These are transmitted into text and projected on a backdrop of visuals generated from an archive of historical images from Quebec and Montreal. Stories are layered in a palimpsest of historical and social encounter. (Our) Exquisite Stories aims to ask how we can understand and contribute to the formation of collective narratives, all while maintaining their plurality and heterogeneity.

This project was presented at the Société des Arts Technologiques, projected on the Hôtel Zéro 1, in the summer of 2021.