HERE is a project consisting of a three-dimensional ever-shifting networked virtual space exploring the concept of sentient presence. Not only humans tend to want to be seen and felt by others, they are also capable of feeling a presence without it needing a body. Divine beings, spirits, personified objects and extraterrestrial beings are examples of such body-less presences. Such feelings may arise in a digital space as well. How does one know that one is perceiving and is being perceived, when all they see is a computer screen? Often, such as on social media platforms, a presence is felt because it is tied to a real-life identity (a real name, a face, etc). However, this project allows users to remain anonymous and present themselves as an abstract and unique, but personalizable, avatar taking shape of an agglomeration of precious stones, metals and rock. The player can then release their creation into the cloudy starry sky-resembling networked space and wander around to find other players. If two players happen to collide with each other, a new star is formed between them. Thusly, the stars are a visualization of all the past presences and interactions that have occurred in this space. Every time a user wants to connect to the network again, they will need to create a new gem, a new artifact, since their presence in this network does not rely on the continuity of their identity, but simply on the fact that they are there.

This project was part of the In.Finite virtual exhibition, in the spring of 2021, as well of The Sum of Our Shared Selves exhibition, at the FOFA gallery, in the winter of 2022.