M-VR is an interactive VR experience, made in collaboration with Nicolas Prud'homme and Xavier Champoux, consisting of a 3D immersive sound visualizer that aims to give the user a personalized and individualized multi-sensorial experience, inspired by cymatics. It features procedural animations, particle movements, self-written shaders and components which react, by changing their color, size and type of movement, to various parameters of a live input sound source. The goal is to augment the sensorial impact of sound in a coherent way, as to envelop the user in a world of synesthesia. The experience has two modes, the first of which allows the user to input any sound from their computer, either a saved sound file or a live input source such as a music streaming service. The second mode allows the participant to use a microphone and experiment how the virtual world will react to sounds from their physical environment or their body (clappping hands, spomping feet, etc). Additionally, we focused on creating an easily expandable set up to make the M-VR experience accessible to a large number of users, whether they have a VR headset, a mobile phone, or a computer.