The goal of this course project was to research the process of creating generative visuals using purely physical materials, rather than using digital systems. This consisted in the creation of a transparent glass sandbox accompanied by a variety of physical tools and mediums. There was an attempt at shifting the traditional use of a sandbox from being an environment for play, to being an interface for artistic expression. The resulting observations indicate that some degree of artistic control and predictability is necessarely given away to the physical properties of the materials, such as viscosity, movement, and interaction with light. The experience is highly involved with the senses and conveys complex, analogue and continuous sets of sensorial information. Furthermore, since the created visuals were highly random and unreproducible, the creation process was much more focused on intuitiveness, rather than on looking for a specific final result. Despite the resulting visual creations being much more meaningful in the physical space and time they were created in, some of them were documented through photography, video and subsequent seven posters.